How we do what we do.....

Quality directly translates to performance, in the form of well-designed, light-weight components that can withstand the rigours of motorsport. Holinger Racing Transmissions combine a great blend of these assets; performance, reliability and weight, which would only be possible with the highest quality standards.

The Holinger Factory

The Holinger factory is a purpose built 'start-to-finish' facility. It contains multiple CNC Lathes, Machining Centres, 9-Axis Multi-Tasking Centres, Gear Hobbing and Spline Broaching machines, plus a Vacuum Carburising Furnace to perform Heat Treatment in-house. This is followed up with a multitude of grinding equipment for the critical post heat-treatment finishing operations, as well as our own specialised Duplex Shot Peening sequences. Highly accurate Gear Profile Grinding and Super Finishing operations are also performed in-house, giving us the capability to produce gears of superior quality and service-life over many of our competitors.

We also offer complete gearbox maintenance and rebuilding services along with customer training. This way our customers can be assured their Holinger Gearboxes are being correctly setup and maintained whether serviced by us or themselves.

The Holinger design office

The Holinger design office has nearly a 100 collective years of motorsport and transmission engineering experience, coupled with the latest CAD/CAM tools at their disposal. The philosophy is to design gearboxes to be 'heirlooms' rather than 'consumables', the proof of this being in the large number of Holinger Gearboxes still being used today after years of faithful service.

Measurable Quality

To aid in achieving our consistent high-level of quality, Holinger has an extensive array of measuring equipment. Our temperature controlled metrology lab, includes a 5-axis CMM (Co-ordinate Measuring Machine), Material Hardness Testers, Gear Profile Measuring Machines and Crack Testing facilities.


A sample from all our raw materials is taken upon delivery, then thoroughly tested and checked in our lab to ensure its suitability for motor racing. All our material samples are then labelled and catalogued for future reference, ensuring that we know exactly what our parts were made from. This microscopic understanding gives us the piece-of-mind that we can consistently produce parts of the highest quality.

"That's the only way to fly!" is something the late Peter Holinger would often say. This was his way of saying that there was a right-way and a wrong-way to make things and that Holinger Engineering did it the right-way. Peter expected the best from his products, an ethos that continues today with all the work that Holinger undertakes.