Group A 6-Speed Nissan GTR


The GRA-6N (Group A-6 speed Nissan) was designed by Holinger specifically for Nissan Motorsport with the arrival of the R32 Skyline GTR, or "Godzilla" as the car was to become famously nicknamed. Being a four-wheel-drive vehicle, a bespoke transmission was required and the GRA-6N was designed as a direct replacement transmission. It bolted straight up to the Nissan engine and 4WD transfer-case and added an extra gear over the standard cars 5-speed, as well as magnesium cases designed to keep the weight to a minimum. This gearbox helped Nissan achieve great success with the Godzilla and also led to the Holinger GTR sequential gearbox, which is still being produced today.


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6-Speed Sequential GTR Skyline gearbox