Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV-IX (HLE-V2)

Dog-change conversion kit


This gearbox kit is designed to convert standard Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 4-9, 5 speed transmissions.The HLE was a kit for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and could be installed in the EVO IV-IX's standard 5-Speed gearbox.


  • No modification required to standard cases.
  • The gearbox kit includes 5 forward ratios, reverse, custom short shift selector rods, selector forks and profile ground ring and pinion.
  • An extensive range of gear ratios are available.
  • Optional non-standard clutch splines and input shaft lengths are available to customer specifications.
  • Case hardened, nickel chrome steel is used for all gears and shafts.
  • Heat treated and nitrided, high tensile steel is used for the selector forks.
  • Available with profile ground gears, for increased efficiency and durability.