Porsche 996/997 (PCS)

6 speed sequential gearbox conversion kit


Gearbox kit designed to convert the standard Porsche 996/997 GT3 transmission to sequential shift,dog-change.


  • Torque rating for endurance events is 800Nm (600ft.lb).
  • The gearbox kit includes 6 forward ratios and the selection mechanism.
  • All gears are removable from shafts with an extensive range of ratios to select from.
  • Input is via a removable quill shaft.
  • Optional non-standard clutch splines and lengths are available to customer specifications.
  • A gear position sensor is supplied for interfacing with an electronic dash display. Alternatively a stand-alone gear indicator display is available for cars not fitted with an electronic dash.
  • Case hardened nickel chrome steel is used for all gears and shafts.
  • The selector forks are high strength aluminium bronze.
  • The kit is also available with profile ground gears, for increased efficiency and durability.


Porsche 996/997 (PCS) Porsche 996/997 (PCS) Porsche 996/997 (PCS) Porsche 996/997 (PCS)

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